12 Jan

We’re Famous

chris-bobweirSpecial soap deliveries take us backstage to see BOB WEIR (of the Grateful Dead) and the boys of Ratdog.

Nothing left to do but SMILE SMILE SMILE!

20 Sep

A Visit from Dateline NBC


Wanna guess who just came in and visited me while I was knee deep in soap? Josh from Dateline NBC!!!!! Yes girls he’s cute in person!!!!!! Picture is complete with the NBC soap I made last week! Watch Dateline tonight at 9 pm.

10 Mar

Favorite Things

Sunrise Soap Co. products were featured in SUSQUEHANNA STYLE magazine as one of their “FAVORITE THINGS”. Thank you S.S.! I was also featured alongside the likes of Dr. Bronner, Jason, Eco-Friendly & Earth-Friendly in the Clean and Green Mar/April issue.